Dentist In Mexico

Are dentists expensive in Mexico?

Are dentists expensive in Mexico?

How expensive are dentists in Mexico? For decades, the prices of dental care treatments have been a reason for hundreds of Americans to delay treatment. This is because a large majority of people find the costs to be extremely high, making it difficult to continue a dental care treatment.

In fact, it is common to only go to the dentist when the pain or discomfort becomes unbearable. However, in recent years, Mexico has become the solution for many Americans, due to the dental care services it offers. At the same time, it is for this reason that hundreds of dental tourists have doubts about the cost of these dental care services.

How expensive is a dentist in Mexico?

The short answer to that question is no, it’s not expensive, actually Mexico is one of the most recognized countries worldwide, not only because of the quality of its work, but also because of its affordable dental care prices. It can even be said that in most cities in the country of Mexico, the cost of treatments in dental offices is very low, although it is true that in some border cities it may vary a little.

That is one of the main reasons why every year hundreds of retirees from the United States take advantage of the winter season to travel to Mexico. That way, not only do they make sure to avoid the frost in their cities for vacation, but they can also take the opportunity to undergo some dental procedure with a professional dentist.

The medications that the patient needs are also less expensive than they usually are in the U.S. Which brings us to the next point, which is the difficulty that U.S. patients commonly experience when ordering medications in their home country.

In Mexico, all you have to do is show your prescription to the person at the counter for them to supply the medicines you need. In addition, their prices are very affordable, allowing you to buy more if necessary.

Other low-cost advantages

The low costs of dental treatments are seen in most of the border cities, so tourists can choose the city they like the most to be treated. Although it should always be taken into account that dentists in Tijuana, are among the most recognized worldwide, this due to the quality of their work.

Easy access

Occasionally tourists choose to park their cars near the border, some dental offices have a special service that picks them up, in other cases they travel by plane. But regardless of the method they choose to travel to Mexico, the truth is that even so, it is still a very economical service thanks to the cost of living which is very low.

A professional team

It is usually very common that sometimes it is difficult to keep prices low, so certain measures must be taken. In order for the price to benefit both the patient and the dental offices, there are several dentistry clinics that have frugal spaces, in addition to having few staff.

Depending on the clinic, some have the latest technology to ensure a good job, but in others the technology is not as modern as it is in the U.S. Even so, most dental clinics in cities like Tijuana have modern equipment.

Lower charges

There are several factors at play here, such as the exchange rate, the high demand for dental treatment and also the popularity of the clinics. However, it can be said that a Mexican dentist charges between 10 and 20% of what an American dentist would normally charge, an affordable price.

Quality treatments

Although we have already mentioned the quality of the work, the truth is that it is worth talking more about it. In fact, Mexican dentists are renowned inside and outside of Mexico for being fast, efficient and for offering quality.  So procedures that in the United States may take a long time for a dentist, in Mexico are not.

Taking x-rays or starting a treatment such as the placement of a crown is something that is planned together with the dentist. But in the U.S., this kind of service with a dentist usually takes several weeks.

Mexican handicrafts

Some of us have had a friend who decides to travel to Mexico to get a treatment with a qualified dentist and ends up returning to the U.S. with an endless amount of gifts. This is because the money saved is enough to buy Mexican handicrafts or any other type of souvenirs.

Plus they are usually quite affordable, so even if you are traveling on a budget, you can still buy nice things.

Affordable accommodations

One of the main advantages of being treated in Mexico, is that in addition to having reputable dentists that manage affordable prices, there are affordable hotels. The price they handle in these hotels is quite low and also, their services are usually of very good quality, so if necessary you can stay a couple of days for a dental vacation.

At these hotels there is usually a varied menu, comfortable beds and internet, depending on the type of room you can get other services. In addition to being affordable, they are located near dental clinics, allowing you to arrive in time for your dental appointment.

How to choose a good clinic?

Choosing a good clinic can become a complicated task, due to the number of dental clinics in Tijuana. Therefore, it is recommended to be guided by the services offered and the reputation it has, even if the costs are low, it is not advisable to be guided only based on affordability.

Odontomedik is one of the best clinics in Tijuana, we have the latest technology in biological dentistry. In addition to the support of qualified Mexican dentists who will always provide a good service, for us your priority is our priority, that’s why we support you at every moment.

To support you in your economy, we handle affordable prices without neglecting the quality of our services, so in a short time you can see how your smile improves.

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