Biological root canals

Removal of the integral nerve inside the tooth is believed to prevent further damage especially when a cavity is infecting that are with bacteria. However, the drawback with this is that the central never is not the only nerve that can be found in a tooth. Other many smaller nerves branch from the primary root that can also get infected with the bacteria. It is therefore not in order to talk about holistic root canal since it does not exist: either the tooth with it’s nerve is preserved or the tooth is extracted.


toxic root canal


Root canal requires thorough cleaning of the tooth. The cleaning theoretically ensures that all the bacteria and the toxins are removed and made ready for filling. Then the tooth is filled with a resin. Unfortunately, there are many adverse effects related to root canal treatment. The side ramification of the main nerves can become a nest for anaerobic bacterias, therefore, causing dental diseases or more important health issues.

Holistic dentists in Tijuana are not in favor of root canal. Instead, they recommend holistic alternatives such as extraction to patients for better oral and general body health. To prevent root canals,biological dentists recommend proper diet such as plenty and quality protein, very yellow butter, raw milk. Biological dentists also recommend to avoid processed sugar and flour products such white bread and pastas.


Biological dentist in Tijuana do not recommend root canal since there is no holistic root canals and offer holistic dental solution to prevent and treat oral problems.