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Dental Care in Tijuana

Tijuana’s popularity has increased in recent years due to medical tourism. More and more tourists come from other countries, with the aim of performing some type of procedure. From cosmetic surgery to orthodontic treatment, Tijuana has everything you need to be able to perform these types of procedures.

The professionalism of the doctors, the high quality of their work, their infrastructure, specialization and the low cost of the treatments, are just some of the advantages that Tijuana offers. Its dental services are recognized inside and outside of Mexico, because the quality with which they work is equal or better than in other parts of the world.

Is Tijuana the best place to take care of your teeth?

It is estimated that annually, more than 2.5 million people travel to Tijuana, from within the Mexican Republic and abroad. They do it with the intention of having some kind of medical procedure. Among the most requested procedures are those related to dentistry; services such as orthodontics, veneers, and crowns are the most popular.

Personalized treatments

In recent years it has been proven that teeth can influence the health of a person. For this reason, it is very important that the teeth stay healthy and to achieve this it is necessary to go to good dentists in Tijuana.

The clinics have everything necessary to perform different procedures, therefore, personalized attention can be given to patients. It is common that important things such as the client’s budget are taken into consideration, so that these services can be provided in the best way.

Several studies are also requested, such as X-rays and photographs to be able to know the condition of his mouth. Taking these details into consideration, it is possible to give a diagnosis and begin to plan a treatment that helps the patient.

Most common treatments

One of the most recommended treatments to maintain good hygiene in the mouth is periodontics. With the help of this service, you can obtain both a basic and a deeper cleaning, which helps to maintain good hygiene and the health of the teeth. Also, depending on the case, a whitening can be done.


Orthodontics is usually quite expensive in countries like the United States and Canada, because of that it is increasingly common to see tourists visit Tijuana with the idea of ​​starting this treatment. With orthodontics, the patient’s teeth are aligned, so he sees an improvement not only in his physical appearance, but also in his health.

It is recommended for people whose teeth have grown crooked; with the use of braces, they will gradually straighten. The case is followed up at all times, in order to verify that everything goes correctly and that it is not necessary to extend the treatment.

Dental crowns

Techniques for applying dental crowns have evolved over time, so nowadays it is not just metals that are applied. In order to protect a damaged tooth with the help of the crown, the highest quality materials such as porcelain and zirconia are used.

These materials, in addition to being resistant, can last a long time and completely cover the damaged tooth. Also in this way, it is avoided the use of materials that at some point may become harmful to health.

Dental implants

When one or more teeth are lost, the patient’s bite is affected, this can damage their health over time. To prevent dental displacements and other health problems, prostheses are applied with which it is possible to successfully complement the bite.

However, not all people can undergo this type of procedure, since it is a surgery in which the prosthesis is placed. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the case carefully, so it can be determined if the patient is a candidate.


When a patient has one or more damaged teeth, the dentist tries to save the tooth by performing a procedure in which the cavities are cleaned. Using specialized instruments, all the damaged pulp is removed, so that any kind of residue can be eliminated.

Once the cavities of the tooth are completely clean, a filling of biocompatible material is placed. After this, the tooth is finished treating, so that the patient can continue with his normal life and when he chews, he does not present any discomfort.

This procedure is known as endodontics and is usually one of the most common services in Tijuana clinics.


Oral rehabilitation

This is another one of the personalized treatments that dentists often offer to patients. With this service, the most appropriate procedures can be selected to begin to rehabilitate the bite.

These kinds of services are usually more requested by people who have lost several teeth or have had some kind of accident. However, they are also applied in cases where there are malformations in the mouth, or there are other problems that affect the bite.

Professional dentists will always seek to help the patient so that he can improve his quality of life. That is the main reason why Tijuana has become one of the most important cities, in terms of dental health.

There are more and more dental clinics in Tijuana, for that reason it is necessary to investigate the clinic you want to attend. Either through its social networks, its official site or by visiting the facilities, it is necessary to know in detail the services it offers.

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