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Dentists Mexico one of the best in the world

Dentists Mexico one of the best in the world

According to Expansión, a news portal, Mexico ranks first in the world in dental tourism. This ranking has been won thanks to the fact that dental services in Mexico are at a low cost and of excellent quality; this has made it a favorite destination for Americans and Canadians.


Mexico has always stood out in terms of medical services; the medical schools of different universities have high standards and their level of demand is high. That is why a dentist who graduated in Mexico is almost most of the time a synonym of quality since there are many years he invests in studying, specializing, and practicing. 


Dentists Mexico, the best in the world

Every year more than a million tourists come to Mexico to undergo a medical procedure, of which more than 30% are dental patients. Most of these tourists come from the United States and Canada since in both countries dental services are not fully covered by insurance. 


Low prices

Tijuana dentists usually offer their services at a much more affordable cost than what is commonly cost in countries like the United States and Canada. This difference is up to 50% in prices, this mainly benefits tourists with limited economic resources and those who live near the border. 


High quality

Mexican dentists continually update their knowledge and the new techniques that allow them to give better results. That is why when tourists travel to Tijuana to go to the dentist, they find the most advanced technology in treatments.


Quality is very important for dentists, as the market is very saturated in some areas of the country and they have to give quality results for their work to be able to stand out from the rest.



In Mexico, all dentists must have a professional license to be able to practice, which is only granted by official institutions after verifying their studies. Each educational institution is governed by approved national and international standards, so all dentists must accomplish all the subjects required by their university.



Professional ethics is very important in the world of medicine, that is why dentists in Mexico refuse to perform a procedure if they consider it unnecessary or harmful to the health of the patient. This same ethic is what forces them to recommend the best treatment to their patients, regardless of trends or financial interest. This has made tourists trust Tijuana’s dentists, knowing that only what they need will be recommended to them. 


This avoids unnecessary extractions and treatments since only what is best for the patient’s health will be performed. 



Mexicans are famous all over the world for the good treating they give to all tourists; that is why foreigners who travel to Mexico to go to the dentist are pleased by the excellent treating. The good treating of Mexican dentists does not end when the patient leaves, because they do a follow-up of each case. 


When tourists come to Mexico to the dentist, they also enjoy the tourist destinations, the typical dishes, and the warmth of the people, because coming to this country is a different experience from the rest of the world.



Another reason that makes Mexico a world power in the world of dental medicine is the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The dental offices in Tijuana have the best devices for the different procedures that the patients require, such as ozone treatments, ultrasound, x-rays, tomography, among others. New technologies such as post-surgical lasers help reduce the person’s recovery time; so, patients can spend less time with pain and swelling after the extraction or surgery. On the other hand, medical ozone helps reduce the risk of infections after surgery and, like a laser, it also helps reduce inflammation.


Comprehensive treatments

A good dentist knows that oral health goes beyond teeth. Many diseases begin in the mouth and continually spread to the rest of the body, which is why dentists want people to preserve their natural teeth as much as possible. But they also prevent other oral diseases from progressing and becoming something that compromises the patient’s quality of life. So, some clinics in Tijuana include holistic and complementary treatments for the patient’s oral health. For example, natural procedures help the body recover from diseases related to teeth. 


Safe materials

Mexico remains at the forefront of dental materials, which is why materials such as lead, mercury, and other heavy metals have been discontinued; instead, there are been used materials that do not cause side effects in the body. It is not only about metals, but also about resins, other metals, and plastic materials.


The idea that mercury used in amalgam was harmless has now been disproved, it is known that it affects the nervous system and that even the combination with other heavy metals is linked to some types of cancer. Currently, it is seeking to replace the use of these materials with new ones that do not release toxins.


To find out if a patient is allergic or if a material could harm him, some dentists apply different tests that can indicate if the patient has any previous poisoning or if the use of any material can poison them.




At Odontomedik, we seek that each of our patients is fully satisfied, so we invite you to schedule your appointment with us so that your case is reviewed by our team of certified professionals and will give you several treatment options. 


Our Mexican dentists give the proper care to our patients in every dental procedure. 


Our clinic is located in one of the safest areas in the city of Tijuana, so you can visit us with peace of mind. We are located near the border with San Diego, United States. We also offer affordable prices compared to the prices of American or Canadian dentists.