Dr Hal Huggins about Root Canal

What do you do when you feel your tooth aches or you have a dead tooth? Previously most dentist would suggest a tooth removal, right? Nowadays dentists highly recommend to keep the tooth but to remove the main nerves so no more pain can be felt:  root canals are the new trend. But rarely do people think of the side effects related to such dentistry practices.


Holistic Root Canal


Having root canals do not cure the teeth but rather remove the pain. Removing nerves and filling the canals with some composite is not effective at all for long term results and general health. The central nerve that is normally removed during the process is not the only nerve that directs blood to the tooth, there are several other smaller nerves that do the same task too. The bacteria that exists in the root cannot be fully removed and whenever the fillings are done, more bacteria are added making the tooth more susceptible to other health problems.

According to Dr. Huggins, it is better to have your tooth removed rather than go through the root canal process that has proven to be more hazardous to the body. There is no such thing as holistic root canal or biological root canal. An holistic dentist will not recommend or do root canal. It is so unfortunate that most patients are scheduled for root canals treatment forcefully even after knowing the negative impacts that are related to such process. Dr. Huggins states that most dentists ignore or do not want to say the truth about root canals, after all dentistry is also a business. From Dr Hal Huggins point of view, people who care about their health should never accept to have root canals: the bacterias still living in the tiny canals side ways to the mains ones can affect not only the oral health but the general body health of the patients. The bacteria leads to dental toxicity, a serious dental infection that can be avoided when the dentist performs a tooth extraction. There is more and more evidence that shows how chronic diseases are related with unhealthy dental treatments.


In conclusion, if you care about your oral and general body health it is recommended to seek for the opinion of an holistic or biological dentist, he will propose real biological treatments that will not jeopardize your health and that might mean a tooth extraction…