Heavy Metal Detox

What Is A Heavy Metal Detox?

What Is A Heavy Metal Detox?

With the industrial revolution came both positive and negative things, and today, industrial pollution is a reality affecting millions of people worldwide. However, in addition to the pollution we already know about, there is also silent pollution due to the use of heavy materials in products such as amalgams.  

Because of this, alternatives have long been sought to help combat heavy metal detox, as this is an increasingly severe problem.

What does Heavy Metal Detox consist of?

What does heavy metal detox consist of? As the name implies, it eliminates as many heavy metals as possible from the body. To achieve this, there are different methods in conventional and alternative medicine; however, the process depends on several factors. 

In conventional medicine, procedures such as dialysis or chelation therapy are commonly used for people with a medical condition. However, in alternative medicine, healthy people often use drops, pills, and supplements to help their bodies eliminate heavy metals. 

This natural detoxification gives people the support they need to help their digestive, intestinal, and liver systems function better. A balanced and healthy diet is another way to achieve heavy metal detox, as some foods contain properties such as pectin, which helps as a chelating agent for heavy metals.

How do they damage my dental health?

Heavy metals can enter the body differently, either in food, through the skin, or even by breathing. Therefore, it is relatively normal to have a small amount in the body; however, in large quantities and depending on the type of metal; it can be very harmful to health.

Some of the most frequent symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are behavioral changes, nausea, vomiting, pain, and diarrhea. It is also possible to present chills, muscle weakness, and memory loss, among other symptoms; in many cases, heavy metal detox can reverse some of these symptoms.

One of the most frequent forms of heavy metal poisoning is through dental fillings or amalgams containing mercury because when they are not placed correctly or something damages them, they end up expelling toxic residues.    

In these cases, it is best to seek the help of a mercury free dentist Mexico because only then can you get proper treatment. Although nowadays, few dentists use dental amalgams to aid dental reconstruction, they are still being used.

It is essential to clarify that amalgams are not dangerous in all cases, which is why it is necessary to verify each case carefully. If they are well placed, the only problem may be aesthetics since their appearance is usually unattractive compared to other alternatives. 

If you are a candidate, the dentist can recommend an appropriate treatment to remove the amalgams from your mouth. So that the heavy metal detox is a success and you can have a better quality of life and a smile that, in addition to being aesthetic, is fully functional.

To know what treatment should be given to a patient with amalgams, it is necessary to perform several studies. This will make it much easier for the dentist to find a solution to help you.

Take care of your dental health with us.

Having good dental health is necessary to achieve a good quality of life because the health of the body also depends on the state of our mouth. That is why many people searching for a heavy metal detox need to ask for help to remove their amalgams.

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