Holistic Dentistry and Oil Pulling

oil pulling


Oil pulling is a traditional dentistry method that most people overlook but it has a lot of positive impacts on the dental needs of people. Oil pooling is generally the use of oil such as coconut, sunflower or olive oil by putting it in the mouth and swishing it for about 20 minutes. It is often recommended in the morning before taking any meal and before brushing your teeth. There are several health benefits related oil pulling. Thousands of people have had healing benefits from it: diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems have been healed through oil pulling. Not only does it cure different diseases, but also it improves the oral hygiene when done regularly. There is a great improvement on the health condition of the gums and teeth when a person practices oil pulling.

The oil works in a way that it pulls toxins from the body that normally cause various infections from the body. There is a lot of research underway to determine other diseases that can be cured with oil pulling. But most people have testified on the improvement and cure they have received from oil pulling. According to study results, plaque can be removed through oil pulling, bad breath has been eliminated too. Oil pulling also cures gingivitis as well as other gum infections and diseases.

It is recommended to learn more on oil pulling an how it works so as to understand the preferable oil for you that you can try with to see the health benefits that the practice causes.



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