Odontomedik | Holistic Dentistry Protocol
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Holistic Dentistry Protocol

Holistic Dentistry Protocol

Preparations Prior an Holistic Dental Treatment

  1. Biocompatibility Exam.Prior to treatment, Dr. Mendez requests that his patients have a biocompatibility exam performed in order to choose the dental materials that are safest or least offensive to the patient’s immune system.
    For more information on how to begin this process please call BIOCOMP LAB Toll-free number 1(800)331-2303.
  2. Nutritional Supplements.One or two weeks prior to dental revision, Dr. Mendez suggests that patients begin taking oral vitamin C, minerals, and digestive enzymes.
    Please contact Dr. Mendez for additional information about these supplements.
  3. Signed Informed Consent. Please call our office to have this form sent to you via mail or e-mail. Take time to read it, and bring it to your first appointment.
  4. X-Rays.Please send us any previous x-rays in order to design the best treatment plan.
  5. Payment Method Payment is due prior to treatment in the form of cash, credit card or debit card.
  1. Upon entering the dental office, the patient should bring prefilled medical history and supplemented (print here) with previous examinations. If you do not have previous tests in the office are indicated performed as the dentist, using (panoramic radiograph, periapical digital and intraoral camera).
  2. Take place prints for implementation of ozone subatmospheric.
  3. Will start with a dental cleaning or possibly curettage dental (deep cleaning by quadrants) and application of subatmospheric ozone in areas that this procedure required for treating gum.
  4. Retirement start to metal (fillings, crowns inlays, bridges) to be held by quadrant and under a strict protocol of metal removal and rehabilitation with biocompatible material..
  5. Dental procedures or dental laboratory requiring; these mouth depending be placed on completion of each individual treatment (inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges), this could take 3 to 10 days.
  6. Removal of teeth that lights cause infection, either in poor condition (caries, roots, etc.), in improper positions, in root canals poorly treated, cavitation surgeries, (at this point you should wait correct for healing subsequent rehabilitation,) leaving for now with a material in temporary crowns and bridges..
  7. Application is made (PRGF) web. In tooth extraction, surgeries and cavitation, this to achieve bone regeneration of the affected area, and their subsequent rehabilitation.
  8. All treatments will be treated with dental ozone, depending on the amount and treatment required every time ozone application.
  9. Neural therapy treatment in dentistry

You can relax: your biological/holistic dentist in Tijuana will make sure that you get the best treatment following strict protocols that we have been trained for.