How to complement my daily dental routine with dental treatments?

How to complement my daily dental routine with dental treatments?

Brushing our teeth after eating is part of the hygiene routine that we learn when we are children and that we later follow as adults, because having a good hygiene routine should be a priority in order to maintain good oral health, but this step is not all that must be done to preserve good hygiene.

In fact, tooth brushing and the use of other products such as dental floss or mouthwash often require extra help, this help is usually a dental treatment, with which you can improve the way in which your teeth are positioned or some other kind of inconvenience.

A basic dental hygiene routine is not enough

A proper dental hygiene routine can be of great help to prevent different conditions, but it is common that with the passage of time other treatments are required, this is because it is very usual that even if you have a good oral care routine, food residues get stuck if the teeth are not well positioned.

In other cases, the teeth have a yellowish color causing displeasure in patients, although this color is not always synonymous with poor dental hygiene. On many occasions, the yellowish color is due to other factors, such as: genetics, the consumption of drugs, beverages such as tea or coffee, and smoking.

On the other hand, even when good dental hygiene is maintained, if the teeth are fragile, they may end up breaking, so dental treatment will be necessary to fill the space.

Dental treatments to complement hygiene

To ensure that patients have good oral health, Tijuana dentists offer various complementary dental treatments, so it is important to know what the most commonly performed dental procedures are about, and what are the benefits that can be achieved with them.

Dental braces

If you have poorly positioned teeth, you have probably already noticed that sometimes tartar accumulates and it is not always easy to floss, which limits the possibility of cleaning your teeth properly and makes your daily routine more complicated.

In these cases, the main advantage of using braces is that the bite is aligned, so that not only dental hygiene is improved, in a short time the patient will be able to see how his smile looks more aesthetic and will also notice an easier chewing.

Bridges and implants

In some cases, people have suffered some kind of trauma that caused them to lose one or more teeth, although it may also be that the tooth never developed. Unfortunately, the lack of one or more teeth can cause the teeth to shift, even if you have good dental hygiene.

In this type of situation the most advisable thing to do is to replace the missing teeth with dental implants, so that the movement of the other teeth can be avoided. This procedure consists of placing two or more crowns on the dental implants, so that they can have a function similar to that of the natural tooth.


Undoubtedly this is one of the most requested dental treatments to complement a good dental hygiene, this is mainly because it can cover minor damage after being treated, such as stains on the enamel, a poorly formed tooth or a tooth that has suffered a breakage.

Some of the materials commonly used to make dental crowns are: acrylic, porcelain, metal and in some cases a mixture of porcelain bonded to metal is also used. The main advantage of dental crowns is that they have a similar appearance to natural teeth, which is why they are commonly applied on the front teeth and maintain an aesthetic smile.

Dental veneers

As with crowns, dental veneers are often used as a complement to good dental hygiene, because they can be easily used to repair a cracked or chipped tooth or a tooth that is discolored, and in other cases they are also used to reduce the spaces between teeth.

With both dental crowns and dental veneers, it is necessary to improve oral hygiene, as special adhesives are used to hold them in place.

Fillings and repairs

Even if you have good dental hygiene, in many occasions accidents can not be avoided, resulting in compromised teeth, in those cases it is not only enough to brush your teeth to avoid losing the tooth or caries, it is also necessary a treatment that helps us to recover the affected tooth in its entirety.

During dental repairs, special materials are used so that the tooth can continue to function normally and with the help of these restorative materials, it is possible to prevent bacteria from further damaging the tooth.

Teeth whitening

We can use hundreds of toothpastes, but even so, nothing guarantees that our teeth will remain white, since with age they inevitably darken. Other factors that alter the color of teeth are foods such as coffee, tea, sugary drinks, tobacco and the consumption of antibiotics such as tetracycline.

Fortunately, nowadays there are several treatments to whiten teeth, so your dentist will always be able to improve the appearance of your smile.

Even if you perform a daily dental hygiene routine to keep your teeth in good condition, it is also necessary to visit the dentist. In many cases, a routine cleaning may be all that is needed, but in others, braces or even dental implants may be necessary.

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