IAOMT Dentists in Tijuana

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is an Academy of Allied professionals. It comprises of Physician, dentists and research professionals who are dedicated to the provision of resources and integrity as well as safety required in healthcare. The IAOMT dentists are part of the alliance who specialize in providing biological dentistry to patients as a way of ensuring and enhancing dental and general body health.


Metals are not part of the body, and they have dangerous effects including susceptibility of a cancer growth factor in the human body. Therefore, we promote no use of metals and maximum use of bio-biocompatible plastics for either crowns or dental fillings. IAOMT dentists lead by example and whatever recommendations they give to patients are the ones that have solved their dental needs too. They have experience in eliminating mercury and other metal fillings by using safe measures like a dental dam.

The IAOMT dentists have devised several strategies of amalgam removal so as to reduce the level of mercury exposure to both the patients and dentists to avoid the associated effects. Provision of an alternative air source for both the patient and the whole room is an important measure. Rubber dams and high volume evacuators ensure that the mercury fillings do not get ingested into the body of the patient but rather evacuated from the mouth. Use of dental products that are natural as much as possible ensures that the patients are safe and healthy.

Position on root canal

IAOMT acknowledges the adverse effects of root canals and do not prescribe such dental treatments. IAOMT dentists have enough experience with performing extractions appropriately without leaving any cavitations for quick healing and long term health benefits.

IAOMT Dentist in Tijuana

The IAOMT dentists in Tijuana at Odontomedik provide biological dental care to mainly Americans from San Diego, Los Angeles and its areas. However people from all over America and other countries also visit Tijuana for biological dental care because of its quality and great prices.

For a holistic dentist, consider visiting certified IAOMT dentists in Tijuana, you will save a lot of money while getting best dental experience with dentists who are skilled and experienced in biological dentistry.  At Odontomedik, dental and general health is a priority. Their dentists use the best bio-compatible material  for your body and Dr Mendez is also certified Hal Huggins protocol.

Their qualifications in holistic dentistry also harmonize with Dr. Clark’s protocol and vision with dental impact on someone health. Few dentists also can remove parasites and toxins using chelation which have no negative side effects on one’s health, but remove toxic heavy metals that taxes the immune system on the long run.