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Is it worth it to go to Mexico for dental work?

Is it worth it to go to Mexico for dental work?

Usually when you hear about Mexico, the first thoughts that come to mind are about the rich gastronomy of the region, the joy of its people and how warm it can be. However, in recent years, Mexico’s popularity has been increasing thanks to the dental services offered here.

The quality, variety and professionalism of the services offered by a professional dentist are just some of the advantages that Mexico has to offer. In fact, the dental treatments offered by a professional dentist here are of equal or better quality than those offered in countries such as the United States and Canada, which has contributed to Mexico becoming one of the most visited destinations for dental tourism in a short period of time.

Reasons to visit Mexico for dental treatment

Although there are many reasons why thousands of people visit Mexico looking for a dentist each year, some of the most common are the following:

A great geographic location

Mexico’s geographic location makes it an excellent location for most patients living abroad. It is indeed estimated that 80% of dental tourism comes from the U.S., while 15% comes from Canada and the other 5% from the rest of the world.

Although in that sense, the main advantage is for patients coming from the United States, since the transportation times are very short. But a good geographical location is not the only reason why hundreds of people visit Mexico with the intention of looking for a dentist. 

A very affordable price

Even if one travels from the farthest parts of the United States, it is possible to save up to 75% of what would be spent if the patient was treated in their home country. This is due, among other things, to the rising costs in the United States, which have made it difficult for a significant part of the population to access the services of a dentist.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to make it clear that even though a dentist in Mexico is quite affordable, this does not mean that it offers a lower quality. On the contrary, Mexico is known for having dental professionals recognized worldwide for the quality of their work.

Great quality

As we mentioned a moment ago, the quality of dental treatments in Mexico offered by a professional dentist is one of the best, and that is another reason why it is worthwhile to be treated in Mexico. The dentist not only makes sure that your smile is aesthetic, but also treats all the problems that may arise in the oral cavity, so that the patient can recover its health, with appropriate dental care.

Before recommending a procedure, the dentist will thoroughly examine the patient’s mouth and request several studies to see the condition of the bone and teeth. Based on these studies, will recommend a treatment that suits the needs of each patient.

Comfort and security

There are clinics that offer services that help ensure patient comfort, one of these services is transportation. With this service, both the clinic and the patient are assured that the patient will arrive safely and at the exact time of their appointment to begin treatment, but this is only part of it.

The transport picks up the patient from the meeting point or hotel where he or she is and takes it to the clinic, so the patient does not have to go by its own means, as it would in the United States.

Variety of procedures

There are times when patients have dental insurance, which helps them to reduce their medical expenses. However, sometimes it is difficult to have access to a specialist, since they usually have a full schedule, which causes the patient’s dental problem to worsen and end up with greater consequences.

It is for this reason that more and more patients are finding a solution to their dental problems in Mexico. In Mexico there are not only hundreds of dental clinics, but there are always professional dentists who are in charge of taking care of any kind of discomfort or issue that may arise.

In the border city of Tijuana, Mexico, the patient knows that he or she will not have to wait for the dentist to find time in their schedule to take care of their toothache. In addition, the variety of dentistry procedures that are available at a dental clinic is very wide, so whether the patient needs dental implants Tijuana, a dental crown or a dental cleaning, the dentistry service will be provided.


In the past, dental clinics used to perform procedures with potentially dangerous materials, such as a mercury amalgam and a metal crown. Unfortunately, these types of materials are still used in some dental clinics in the United States and abroad.

However, in Mexico there are some clinics like Odontomedik where modern materials are used, with the highest quality and also safe for the patient. We also provide the patient with the necessary care to treat or remove mercury amalgams that are badly placed.

A damaged mercury amalgam can be very dangerous, that is why it is necessary to have the patient checked by a professional. This is the only way to find a safe solution and prevent the patient’s health from being compromised.

Where can I go?

In fact, there are so many Mexican dentists in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico that it is normal to have doubts about which dental clinic is the most appropriate. To this we must add that, although many of the clinics provide quality services, not all of them provide the same services, so it is necessary to take that into account.

In the border city of Tijuana, one of the most recognized clinics is Odontomedik, we are a team of professionals that seeks to provide you with the best services through our holistic dentistry services at the best prices. With us you can recover the smile you had before, or get a new, aesthetic and fully functional smile with the help of the best dental care.

So, don’t think twice and call us, we will guide you and offer you the best dental procedures to make your experience with Mexican dentists one of the greatest.