loss of teeth

Leading causes of tooth loss

Leading causes of tooth loss

Finding people of different ages with teeth loss problems, believe it or not, is more common than you think. But the main problem goes beyond aesthetics, once a tooth is lost there is an imbalance in the mouth, resulting in problems that begin to affect the person.

There are several things that can cause a tooth to fall out or be extracted, but there are some reasons that tend to be more frequent. Therefore, in order to prevent them it is necessary to know them and try as much as possible to take the necessary measures to avoid them.

Main reasons for tooth loss

It can be said that the main reasons are usually related to the health of the persons and the way in which they carry out their dental hygiene. But it is also true that in many other cases the reasons are related to trauma caused by various circumstances or accidents.

Poor hygiene

We all know how important it is to maintain good hygiene to preserve the health of our body. But in the case of the mouth it is common that people do not pay as much attention to it, sometimes due to lack of knowledge and other times because they think it is not so necessary.

Unfortunately, the accumulation of bacterial plaque helps to damage teeth, as it promotes acids to erode the enamel. Poor hygiene also facilitates the presence of cavities that can affect the tissues inside the tooth.


It is a disease caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque, one of the main consequences of this infection is gum inflammation. Additionally, it destroys the gingival tissues that are in charge of supporting the teeth, meaning that if it is not treated in time, the teeth in the mouth may be lost.

Cracks or fractures

These problems can be the result of different factors, in some cases due to the chewing of hard foods such as ice, nuts, etc. But it is also very common that it is due to conditions such as bruxism, which is an involuntary movement of the teeth that a person makes while sleeping.


Trauma to the mouth can damage or fracture teeth, and depending on the intensity of the trauma, it can be worse. In some cases, trauma can also cause damage to the gingival tissues, making it much easier for teeth to become dislodged.

How to prevent tooth loss?

Believe it or not, by following a few simple steps you can prevent tooth loss and even improve your dental health. All you have to do is visit the dentist every six months, as one usually does when there are no dental problems.

A good technique

Brushing your teeth properly is a great help to prevent any kind of dental disease, but it is necessary to do it at least twice a day. In case you do not have a clear idea about the correct way to brush your teeth, you can consult your dentist.

Avoid candy and sugary drinks

Candy and sugary drinks can cause serious damage to the mouth, as it turns it into the ideal place for bacteria to live. In a short time caries will start to develop and it is best to reduce the intake of this kind of products.

Avoid hard foods

Very crunchy or very hard foods can affect the strength of the tooth and can even chip or weaken it. A chipped tooth is more prone to disease, so it is necessary to take care of it as soon as possible.

Quit smoking

Smoking and consuming other substances can seriously affect the health of the mouth, causing not only teeth loss but also other conditions. Throat cancer is one of the diseases that can arise due to cigarette smoking.

Which are the treatments for tooth loss?

Since it is a very common problem, several techniques have been developed in order to achieve a better quality of life for the patient. But the techniques used to treat tooth loss depend a lot on the reasons that caused it, as well as the patient’s needs.


In some cases, dentures are recommended, because depending on the material, they can last a lifetime and are usually quite economical. In fact, this is one of the treatments that older adults request the most, as they tend to feel comfortable with them.

Dental Implants

In other cases, the most advisable option are dental implants Tijuana, since a dental implant takes the place that the natural tooth originally had. In addition, today an implant is the closest thing to a real tooth, since it must be given the same care given to the rest of the mouth.

A variety of treatments

Depending on the case, cavities or periodontitis can be treated to prevent the disease from spreading further. To do this, the dentist uses a variety of techniques, so that the disease does not continue to progress, but in the case of periodontitis, it is necessary to keep monitoring for a long time, as it is often difficult to treat.

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