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Why Odontomedik is one of the best Mexico dental clinics

Thanks to the high demand for dentists in Mexico, it can be said that the market is full of specialists, making it difficult for patients to choose one. In reality, there are so many dental clinics in Tijuana that to select the best one, the main characteristics of each one must be taken into consideration.

Why choose Odontomedik?

For us, the most important thing is your general health, so as soon as you arrive, we make sure to analyze the condition of your mouth. Oral health can say a lot about the condition of the rest of the body, so it is essential to pay the necessary attention to it.

Transport service  

One of the things that characterize us at Odontomedik is our transportation service. For us, your safety is first, so our staff welcomes you at the airport, or at the border. During your stay, our transportation will take you from the hotel to the clinic and back to have peace of mind that you will have a pleasant experience in addition to being safe. As long as the patient arrives at the indicated time, our driver will be able to pick him up, in case the patient is late in arriving, the driver will only wait 15 minutes more. For the patient, this service is of great help as he will travel to a city that he may not know. There are only a few dental clinics that have this kind of service.

Comfort and safety

Although there are many Tijuana dentists, not all are in an area that, in addition to being safe, has all the comforts that a patient could want and need. We are located in one of the safest and most beautiful areas of Tijuana, so our patients can enjoy all the comforts that this place offers.

They can explore and see the variety of restaurants that Tijuana offers, go out to bars, have fun at the movies or go to the shopping mall to buy whatever they want. In other words, everything is at hand and the patient can enjoy a friendly atmosphere at all times.

Regenerative treatments

Although there are many clinics in Tijuana, not all of them specialize in patients with chronic diseases. In reality, few clinics know how to provide all the benefits that exist within the world of holistic dentistry, even though many of them continue to use treatments that are not recommended.

As a professional clinic, at Odontomedik our main purpose is to provide our patients with regenerative treatments, so they can treat their chronic diseases. Depending on the needs of each patient, our dentists offer a treatment plan. We also have the highest technology, which helps give an accurate diagnosis to treat our patients. 

Personalized attention

As dental health professionals, we know that a person’s smile can be affected by a wide variety of reasons. Problems such as tooth pain or poor aesthetics can be due to poor hygiene, hereditary tendencies, or even nutritional problems.

Due to the fact that not all patients react the same with the treatments, it is necessary to give personalized attention. The mouth, teeth, and all tissues inside the mouth should be examined so the dentist can know in what condition they are.

In order for the patient to have a better quality of life and to guarantee his happiness at the end of the treatment, the dentist will be with him at every step. Only in this way, Odontomedik will be able to fulfill the patient’s expectations.

The best accommodation

It is common that after a dental treatment the patient needs to rest in a comfortable and pleasant place since sometimes it is necessary to perform extractions, which can cause them discomfort. 

We always seek to recommend hotels to patients where they can find the peace and privacy they need. We have a variety of hotels that we recommend, so the patient can choose the one that best suits their taste and needs.

As these hotels are near the beach, the patient can also enjoy all the comforts found in those places. They can even travel with their family to take care of their health and enjoy a good vacation with their loved ones.

Permits and certificates

Unfortunately, the increase in dental clinics has led to the creation of fake clinics, so it is necessary to make sure that you are dealing with professionals. At Odontomedik, we are experts in our work and we have one of the best teams of professionals in dentistry. 

We have all the necessary permits to be able to offer our services, and we are endorsed by COFEPRIS. We also have all the certifications that guarantee our experience and knowledge in dentistry, so you can have the peace of mind that you are with health professionals.

Another characteristic of why we are the best option is that we always listen to the wishes of our patients. So, in case you have any questions, you can express them with the assurance that we will try to solve them in the shortest possible time.

Huggins protocol

Dr. Méndez has witnessed the benefits of the Huggins protocol, and how it has improved the health of dozens of patients with chronic diseases. One of the characteristics of this protocol is that it eliminates mercury, which helps improve the quality of life of the patient.

However, not all dental clinics can perform this kind of procedure, as it is something delicate that only an expert can perform. That is another reason why it is better to choose Odontomedik, instead of other dental clinics in Tijuana.

As you can see, there are several reasons that make Odontomedik one of the best dental clinics in Mexico. We have the best Mexican dentist in our facility, so our patients can have the optimal dental experience with the best care. So, there is no need for you to keep looking, we will help you and will give you the proper care at all times. 

Many tourists decide to come to our dental offices because we are near the border with San Diego, we have the most advanced dental technology and the most affordable prices.