Ozone Whitening / Gum Disease

Besides being useful for tooth whitening in our office we must take advantage of the high oxidizing power, therefore we will use in:


  • Halitosis
  • Periodontal disease and Gum disease
  • Astringent in oral surgery
  • Deodorizing the office environment

The Gum disease treatment method proposed here focuses its action on the hyper oxidation of the Gum that help to kill all the bacteria and cure the gum disease the secondary effect of this treatment is that also touch tooth surface and the ozone provoke tooth discoloration.


If the patient wants more white teeth color we need to do application of specific fluids, in order to facilitate the penetration of ozone, or perpetuating the whitening. We recommend do it every six months only for 10 to 15 minutes per arcade, this will avoid gels that cause tooth sensitivity and maintain white tooth just with ozone. The patient note the significant improvement of the color change of the tooth in a single session. Soft tissue favors the ozone as it acts as the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, eliminating anaerobic pathogens found in gums.