The most popular dentistry Mexico treatments

Dentists play a very important role in society, as their presence is constant in many people’s lives. This is due because their mission is to always look up for their patients, and help them prevent any health problem; in the case that the patient has a health problem, treat it in the best way possible and help them improve their quality of life.

Thanks to this, dentists have made dental treatments very popular in Mexico. In addition to traditional treatments, the popularity of other treatments that help improve health has also become quite an important alternative. 

The best dental treatments

Currently, there are several dental treatments that can help eliminate the damage caused by materials that were previously used to treat problems in the mouth. It is important to mention that there are clinics where they still use these materials, but it has already been shown that they can compromise the health of patients.

One of the main purposes of dentists in Tijuana is to prevent and stop the use of these materials.

Ozone treatments

Ozone is well known for being very effective in fighting germs because its properties can kill bacteria faster than other cleaning products. It even has the ability to eliminate viruses that can normally survive with large amounts of chlorine.

However, despite being a very strong tool, capable of destroying fungi, spores and killing infections, it does not affect human cells. One of its advantages is that it does not cause any type of allergic reaction to people, even in patients who need to take medication. Ozone increases the elasticity of red blood cells, helps oxygenate tissues, and also helps reduce bleeding. Thanks to this, there are faster healings, the scars are better and at the same time, the treated area is disinfected. Due to all of that, the ozone dental procedure has become quite popular.

Neurofocal dentistry

Neurofocal dentistry is called the branch of dentistry that studies everything related to the oral cavity and the effects it can have on the different organs of the body. This term was originally used in Germany in the year of 1958 by Dr. Ernest Adler. 

With the help of neurofocal dentistry, patients not only manage to treat and cure the conditions that they have in their oral cavity but also help treat other physical and emotional ailments.

The dentist carefully examines the patient’s teeth to find the sources of interference. After discovering the alterations that occur in the teeth, the dentist can give a diagnosis, so, the treatment can begin.

Once the dentist detects what problems the patient has, the dental treatment can begin. Anyone can be a candidate for a neurofocal dentistry procedure, regardless of their age. 

This type of procedure can contribute a lot of health benefits to the patients; this is why neurofocal dentistry is becoming increasingly popular.

The toxicity of amalgams

Amalgams are formed by a combination of 50% mercury and other metals such as tin, zinc, copper, among others. This means that an improperly placed amalgam can release mercury throughout the day, it is estimated that an amalgam can release up to 34 micrograms of mercury in a single day, but this can vary depending on the condition it is.

Some of the most common alterations in the teeth are caused by amalgams, it is also common for the patient to present other problems due to impacted teeth, such as bad positions, cysts, and even tumors.

Mercury from amalgams is not only released as vapor in the mouth, it also creates a chemical reaction due to the contact with saliva, acidic foods, and even toothpaste. The negative effects of amalgams may not be seen easily, but over time they begin to appear.

Formerly this method was very popular but currently only a very few professionals recommend it, as they increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, muscle fatigue, digestive problems, and several psychological disorders.

Not in all cases, it is necessary to remove the amalgam fillings, this depends on whether they were placed properly or not. This is because removing an amalgam is a procedure that can be quite complicated and can even affect the tooth.

Previously it was not known how dangerous amalgams could be, once studies began, their elimination became popular. However, this procedure is not easy to perform.

Only a professional can remove an amalgam, as fumes can be released during the removal. At Odontomedik we have qualified experts to be able to treat and completely remove any misplaced filling.

Special care for people with diabetes

Mexico and the United States have a large number of people who suffer from diabetes, this disease can seriously affect people’s general health. To prevent the patient’s health from worsening, they must have the necessary hygiene in the mouth.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough to ensure that the patient is in good health, so an increase in glucose may occur due to periodontal disease. This is a slow and progressive problem that most of the time the patient cannot recognize.

Fortunately, Mexico has experts who can help patients treat these problems to have a better quality of life. At Odontomedik, we work with qualified personnel to provide a professional service, and they will be able to detect oral cavity diseases in time, to treat it correctly.

We provide the best care at all times, to prevent the patient from having more problems due to their diabetes. So, in a short time, they can see results, and have a better quality of life.  

In Odontomedik, we always seek to provide the best care and costs to our patients. Our Mexican dentists provide dental treatments like root canals, dental implants, dental crowns, and more. We are located in the border town of one of the best dental tourism destinations Tijuana Baja California, we give an excellent level of care in our dental services, the best treatment plan,  and the most advanced dental technology.