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Things to know about Tijuana Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a specialty in which various conditions are treated with the help of biocompatible products and techniques. Being biocompatible does not run the risk of harming the patient or causing any damage to the environment. Everyone can access these types of treatments no matter what type of problem they have or their age range.

One of the main characteristics of this specialty is that the condition of the oral cavity is related to the patient’s body. Other important characteristics are also considered to give a diagnosis and treatment such as the patient’s habits and emotions all of this, so the patient can have excellent oral health care.

5 Things to Know About Holistic Dentists

Holistic Dentists know perfectly well that there are many disorders and diseases that can present symptoms within the mouth. Similarly, symptoms of oral cavity problems may occur in the rest of the patient’s body.

Merge knowledge

Like a traditional dentist, holistic dentists have the necessary knowledge about oral health, yet they acquire more general knowledge about the human body. Some of the things they usually study to supplement their knowledge are alternative therapies and herbalism.


They also apply knowledge from other areas of medicine to treat patients, such as psychology. In this way, professionals make sure to provide the patient with the necessary care to be able to provide a diagnosis and begin treatment.


Take care of your health and the environment

The biocompatible techniques used by holistic dentists not only help treat patient problems satisfactorily, they are also an alternative that does not harm the environment.

With this type of procedure, the dentist also ensures that the problem is treated considering the possible side effects that the patient could have, not only in the oral cavity but also in his body.

The sessions are comfortable

It is common for some people, even in their adulthood, to be afraid of dentists, most of the time that fear is often caused by bad experiences of the past. To avoid such situations, holistic dental practices give them the best possible care, making sessions enjoyable, but that’s not the only thing.

To achieve this goal, various techniques are often used that are complemented by therapies and relaxation exercises. All this helps the patient create a state of calm and tranquility in which they are safe, so that it is easier to perform the treatments that the patient needs.

Advanced technology

Another thing that also characterizes holistic dentists is that they often work with the latest dental technology. Thanks to the use of technology, the use of metals has been reduced, which until a few decades ago was one of the most used materials for denture restoration.

Today, holistic dentists seek to use conservative materials that are also biocompatible, such as composites and ceramics. This not only avoids the use of amalgams that, in addition to polluting the environment, can become quite dangerous to the patient; so it can be said that modern dentistry really helps the environment.

Tips for choosing a holistic dental clinic

There are many dental clinics in Tijuana, however, unfortunately not all are professionals, so it is necessary to consider several things before choosing one.

Materials don’t hurt you

One of the main advantages of holistic dentistry is that it helps the patient with their oral problems, avoiding using materials that may cause intoxication. Mercury amalgams and metal crowns are commonly used in traditional clinics, which can cause health problems in the patient.

A professional holistic clinic will always resort to materials of the highest quality, good for both the patient and the environment. Talking about the materials used with your dentist can be helpful in choosing the clinic.

Must have the necessary permits

Both the clinic and the dentists must have the certificates and permits required by the Mexican government in order to work. Odontomedik, is a professional clinic that has all the necessary permits to be able to provide the patient with quality treatment and thus improve their lifestyle.

Your health is the most important thing

Poor dental treatments can cause a variety of health problems such as mental confusion, headache, numbness, depression, among others. Only a professional holistic dental clinic can treat the dental problems of the patient taking into account these symptoms, if they are already noticeable, trying to offer the most ideal treatment to improve the quality of life of the patient.

You are followed up

As a professional clinic, patients are always followed up, in this way we make sure that all treatment goes successfully from start to finish. At Odontomedik, our priority is to go with you at each stage of the process so that the treatment will be much easier and more effective.

All patients’ doubts are clarified

A professional holistic dentist will always clarify all the doubts that the patient has, before, during and after starting the treatment. In addition, it will provide the patient with the best options taking into consideration their health status.

At Odontomedik, we have qualified dentists and the necessary technology in biological dentistry so patients can receive high-quality dental care. Through studies such as digital radiographs, we diagnose and plan the best form of treatment for the patient with the best medical care, in addition to applying the Huggins protocol technology to ensure an effective treatment with a Huggins protocol dentist .


At our Tijuana dental clinic, we have the best hygiene standards, so our potential patients and patients can know that our Mexican dentists are worried to provide them with the best quality of care in dentistry services with a wide range of procedures. On our website, you can file a contact form so our customer service staff can explain to you our dental care prices, also  you can see what thousands of patients have to say about our team of dentists; sharing the experience they had in our Dental office.  Odontomedik is a fantastic option, because we have a spacious facility, our entire staff  of dental specialties is capable of providing you with the best service, and also we have affordable prices in our dental procedures for you to have a beautiful smile and of course an excellent dental health. With us, you would not have any problem with hidden costs, because you can see our dental price list directly through our website, where you can check that we have affordable rates compared to an American or Canadian dentist. 



Our dental clinic location is at Cantera 462, Playas de Tijuana, 22504 Tijuana Mexico. We are located near the border with the city of San Ysidro United States, where our team of dental specialists can offer a wide range of services so you can have the best dental work.