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Tips for finding the perfect Mexican dental clinic

Although medical tourism has been known for a long time, over the years it has been increasing in Mexico. So much, that today Mexico has become the second world power in medical tourism destinations, being surpassed only by Thailand.

Within the branch of dental medicine, Mexico ranks first in dental tourism destinations, due to all the advantages it offers and the number of clinics there are. However, keep in mind that not all clinics offer quality services. Precisely for this reason it is necessary that before performing a dental care treatment in any clinic, verify that it is a professional place and a licensed dentist.

What things should a professional dental clinic have?

To start a dental care treatment, it should be verified that the dental offices you are going to attend have all the necessary certificates to be able to work. All Mexican dentists must have a professional title and must be in public view, as well as certifications and other documents that support their studies.

In these documents you will find information such as the doctor’s name, the dental school he studied, who issued the degree and the professional license number.

In Mexico, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks is one of the institutions that regulate medical establishments. For a clinic to work, it must first have the permits granted by COFEPRIS.

All professional clinics in Mexico must follow the standards issued by federal agencies such as the Ministry of Health. So, if the clinic does not have any of these permits or does not show the professional license, the most convenient for your health is to find a reputable clinic.

In addition to the permits granted by the government, there are details of a clinic that you will only be able to know at the time of your first appointment. In this appointment it is necessary to pay attention to the details, as these are of great importance to know if the clinic will do a high-quality dental care treatment or not.  

An example can be the studies that you are asked to perform an orthodontic, in case you are not asked to go to any labs in town for any type of X-rays you can begin to suspect. Another bad sign is the poor condition of the medical instruments, it is necessary that the tools such as burs are new to perform restorations and dental crowns.

Also, the clinic must have good hygiene, if when you are entering there are strange odors or some dirt, then it is not advisable to treat yourself there. Good hygiene is essential to avoid health problems, and is a warranty of safety, especially if dental implant surgeries are to be performed.

Tips to identify a good dental clinic

In Mexico, Tijuana is one of the cities where more medical tourists arrive, this is because it is at a strategic point and the cost of living is low. Canadian and American tourists are some of the most likely to have dental treatments in this city, due that is minutes away from the U.S. border (in this case it is important to have a valid passport), for the quality care, dental treatment options, cheap prices, and the excellent follow-up care. 

However, although there are hundreds of dentists in Tijuana, not all of them offer quality treatments. It is important to keep in mind that there are bad dentists, that offer common procedures for a lowest price, but that does not mean they have the best equipment or go with the best treatment plan to do implants or porcelain crowns. Also, there are certain situations where dentists take advantage of foreign patients from Canada and the U.S.

So, putting a few simple tips into practice can go a long way toward finding the ideal clinic for any dental procedures and make the most out of your trip.

Check their website

Currently, most serious companies provide all the information you need through their websites, especially if they deal with American patients. Therefore, making extra trips visiting a clinic in another country or state, just to see its facilities, is not always so easy and is not a guarantee that is the perfect dental office.

Also, it is important that the information on the website specifies if they accept credit cards or if you will have to bring cash.

Search their social networks

Today networks have become one of the most important tools to make yourself known. Many times, the reputation of a company, clinic or person is known through their social networks, as customers often leave comments about the services they received.

In many cases it can be verified that a clinic is performing quality dental treatments, by the thousands of comments that users leave on Facebook.

Listen to word of mouth

Word of mouth is a way that many people have of making something good known, it can be a good business, a person, or a good place. In other words, it can be said that these are the recommendations that the clients themselves make to family and friends.

There are several dental clinics that have achieved recognition abroad, thanks to the reviews that their clients make. That is why asking a family member or friend about a particular clinic can be of great help to know if it is good or not.

Customer service is important

Whether you are visiting the clinic or communicating through the internet, you need to focus on receiving good care. Sometimes it can be seen early, if the treatment will be of poor quality, due to the way the staff treat patients or answer their questions.

Getting a good treat since the beginning can be considered a good sign, but it is also necessary to take into notice everything that was mentioned above. 

Do not stay with the doubt

Any doubt you have is important to be expressed to the dentist. He has the obligation to clarify everything that has to do with the treatment. It is not advisable to start with a treatment if your doubts have not been clarified about its process, its advantages, and the possible disadvantages that it could have.

Many reputable dentists answer every question that Canadian patients have, since they come from a long way to have their procedure.

Verify your dentist professional license

A measure that in recent years has become quite popular is to consult the professional license of doctors, architects, and lawyers. It is important to confirm that they are professionals and thus avoid any type of unnecessary problem.

Through the National Registry of Professionals, you can consult any professional license, you will only need the full name of the person. In this way it can be verified that they are serious people who offer their services and not opportunists. All Odontomedik dentists are duly registered as professionals.

In Tijuana, Odontomedik, we have established ourselves as one of the most accredited professional clinics, thanks to this we are recommended by our dental patients inside and outside of Mexico. We offer modern and high-quality treatments, as well as support to our patients in each of the treatment steps and affordable prices.

Tijuana is one of the most pleasant cities to have dental treatment, because in addition to being quite inexpensive, it has many tourist destinations and is near to the U.S. border. Millions of travelers enjoy the beach, the landscapes, and the variety of food that restaurants offer; thanks to this, dental work costs, and medical care many dental tourism patients come to Tijuana. 

Tijuana in comparison to Mexico City has better dental prices such as zirconia crowns, making this city a greater option for medical treatments and has excellent dentist offices. 

Tijuana International Airport has a connection to the CBX border, in case your flight is from the U.S., it is important that you have your passport card. The airport sometimes has shuttle services for an additional cost, so you can enjoy the Mexican cities, and have a successful trip.