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What diseases do amalgams cause?

For a long time, some of the dental treatments where mercury-containing elements are used have been considered harmful to health, as in the case of metal amalgam fillings, since they are made with toxic materials that severely affect patients’ health. It is essential to recognize the most harmful materials used in amalgam fillings and to identify intoxication early.

What is mercurialism?

Mercurialism, also known as hydrargyrum, refers to when a patient suffers from mercury intoxication. However, mercury is not radioactive; on the other hand, it is highly toxic, and a person may become intoxicated by the evaporation of this metal found in the amalgam for a reasonably long period.

Main risks caused by amalgams

There are several risks of diseases faced by intoxicated patients, such as the following:

Central Nervous System Diseases
Diseases affecting the central nervous system directly affect the control and regulation of the whole human body’s activities. It is necessary to pay more attention to this system because it is in charge of collecting and distributing all the information. Therefore it is related to memory and consciousness.

For the central nervous system, the most common diseases are visual disorders, tinnitus, migraine, memory loss, joint problems, and body mobility.

Digestive diseases
Mercury can also lead to mild or severe problems in the digestive system such as diseases of the large intestine (colon), chronic non-curable disorders such as Crohn’s disease or other coagulopathies, and gastric ulcers.

Psychological disorders
Depression, anxiety, and suicide may also be due to the accumulation of mercury since research has shown that people exposed to this element have a higher rate of presenting problems and memory loss due to Alzheimer’s and concentration, symptoms that affect the nervous system and psychosomatic factors.

Poisoning Symptoms

Most people do not notice when they are poisoned by mercury because it occurs slowly and is not visible to the naked eye, which leads to people realizing that they are suffering from mercury poisoning too late.

Among the first symptoms are tiredness and fatigue with frequent headaches. However, they are symptoms that can be associated with other diseases, such as memory failure and liver disease. It should be noted that each organism is different, so it affects each patient in a particular way, and it is advisable to attend a mercury-free dentist in Tijuana.

Detox protocol 

If you have amalgam fillings, it is best to opt for immediate removal to avoid contracting any type of disease that may affect your wellbeing. With this in mind, specialist biological dentists have designed a detox protocol in which the amalgams can be removed efficiently to preserve your health.  The protocol must always be carried out with materials that are biocompatible with the patient, avoiding any type of risk based on a diagnostic evaluation.

Mercury does not only affect those who have it in their dental structure. It is possible that when dentists extract it, they are irremediably contaminated, which is why at least basic protocols should be followed: the amalgams should remain at a cold temperature, and it is essential to have an alternate air outlet for both the patient and the dentists, comply with a constant change of gloves and perform the work quickly and concisely for the patient.

For greater precision when performing an amalgam removal procedure, it is recommended to perform a Huggins protocol dentist, which is also considered a minimally invasive dentist Tijuana technique.

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