What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy treatments are related to the vegetative nervous system (VNS), which is mostly found throughout the skin. It integrates our body organs and tissues. VNS is a communication grid that connects all our cells within the extracellular matrix, also identified as basic substance. In fact, any irritation that changes the properties and tasks of a part of the vegetative nervous system will disturb it completely.


Neural therapy attempts to neutralize irritants that release or catalyze an ailment and affect our neuro-vegetative tone. Application of small quantities of procaine, a local anesthetic, in those places where the VNS has suffered an injury or damage is how the irritants neutralization is reached. Reactivation of the regularization mechanisms is the objective, so the body itself can generate self-healing responses, which will then stimulate their action, leading to a new command by means of its own power.



As neurofocal dentistry explains it, teeth are connected to ALL organs of our body, thus we need to treat them with RESPECT and LOVE, then the choice of a biological holistic dentist in Tijuana that understand that relation is highly recommended.