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Why dental tourism Mexico is so popular?

Why dental tourism Mexico is so popular?

Although Mexico has several famous cities, in recent years Tijuana has become one of the main ones. The reason for this should not only be because this is the most transitory border in the world, but also for the several medical services that can be accessed in this city.

Every year thousands of people from different parts of the world decide to travel to Tijuana, with the idea of ​​improving their quality of life through a dental procedure. However, most of these tourists come from countries like the United States and Canada.

Why have a procedure in Mexico?

In reality, there are several reasons why dental tourism has become an alternative for the population of the United States. On some occasions, tourists decide to perform a procedure in Mexico to take advantage and enjoy the gastronomy, on other occasions they prefer to take time to enjoy the beauty of its beaches. However, most of the time Americans choose to have dental procedures in Mexico due to the benefits that dental clinics can provide. High-quality dental services have become one of the main characteristics of cities like Tijuana. 

In addition to this, its proximity to the United States has made it the perfect city for Americans to treat their dental health problems feeling comfortable.

Best quality

The city of Tijuana is full of health professionals, whose main objective is to treat the different ailments of patients. At Odontomedik we are one of the most recognized clinics due to the commitment we have with each patient, and also offering a personalized treatment.

We analyze each case meticulously to be able to know the condition in which the health of the mouth is and the procedures that must be followed. Since each patient is different, so is their dental treatment, so we always offer the services that have the highest quality.

In part, it is thanks to these characteristics that American tourists feel comfortable treating themselves in Mexico since these kinds of services tend to be very expensive in the United States.

Biological dentistry

In the past, dentists were forced to use mercury amalgams and metal crowns to treat patients. Although today there are still dentists who use these materials, they are no longer used due to how toxic they can be.

Something that defines biological dentistry is the help it provides to patients who have had problems due to the misuse of these materials. This kind of service has become another reason why hundreds of Americans see Mexico as one of the best alternatives to treat themselves.

Well, in clinics like Odontomedik we find a solution to problems such as mental confusion, indigestion, and headaches, which are usually caused by mercury. We are also trained to perform any dental treatment, from a simple dental cleaning to the placement of dental implants Tijuana.

We know that a good dental procedure can improve the general health of the patient because many times the poor condition of the mouth is what causes other problems in the body.

For this reason, unlike other dental clinics, we offer regenerative treatments with which several chronic diseases can be treated. Following one of these treatments in the United States is usually very difficult because regardless of how expensive it may be, it is not always easy to find a professional available.

Trained staff

Mexico has many peculiarities that attract dental tourism, one of the main ones is the high capacity with which it works. From nurses to orthodontists, they have a high level of preparation, they have studies and certificates that guarantee their ability to work, in addition to having the necessary experience.

All of this is important to ensure a higher success rate in dental treatment, in addition to providing the patient with the comfort they need. At Odontomedik, we want our patients to feel calm and safe, so we use the most advanced treatments so they can have a healthy smile again.

Several tourists decide to go to the dentist due to severe pain or aesthetic problems that affect their mouth. In many cases they come with the fear that their problem cannot be solved, fortunately, this is not the case. 

Mexico is characterized by having highly trained health personnel, so patients have professional and personalized attention. We examine every aspect of their mouth and inform them of the condition it is in, as well as the possible procedures that can be performed to treat it. 

We take the time to explain every detail to the patient and resolve their doubts, this type of care provides security and confidence to the patient. In addition, it also helps the patient’s recovery to be faster, since situations that may stress him/her are avoided.

Transport services

One of the things that make dental clinics in Mexico famous compared to those in other countries is the transportation service. Well, many clinics in Mexico offer this kind of service, in which transportation picks up patients from the United States.

At Odontomedik, we also offer these kinds of services, however, for us, patient safety comes first. For this reason, we go from the international border or the airport to the clinic, and then we take the patient to their hotel, all this for free.

Many dental patients visit the border town of Tijuana to come to one of our experienced dentists. We offer a wide range of dental procedures at an average cost, we will provide each patient with a dental plan for them to be able to have a beautiful smile. 

The services we offer and the affordable prices we work with have made us one of the most popular dental clinics, not only in Tijuana but in Mexico.

That is why every year hundreds of Americans visit us to treat their dental problems because they know that at Odontomedik we work with a professional team. We are trained to help you treat the dental problems you have, so you can be sure that you will receive the best care at all times.