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Biological & Holistic Dentistry


Biological & Holistic Dentistryy

 Biological & Holistic Dentistry

    At Odontomedik, we are proud to offer Biological & holistic dentist in Tijuana Mexico. Among the many benefits that our patients enjoy when getting dental treatments done with us, is being treated with the Huggins protocol, use of the latest holistic dental techniques, bio-compatible materials, top quality service and a the amazing care of our expert dental team who is always looking out for the well-being of our patients.

    Biological dentistry is oriented to offer and diagnostic dental procedures capable to help physical sufferings related to infections or toxic materials like amalgams, metals, cavities, root canals and others. This problems can be a factor of risk, which predispose the process of illness in patients with cancer, diabetics, patients with hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.Each patient is unique and special to us.  And this uniqueness motivates us to continue improving our work by offering dental treatments that help our patients achieve a better quality life.

Mercury detox

Having mercury in the mouth can cause very serious health problems.

Root Canal

Removal of root canal infection is crucial in maintainig healthy teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is a reflection of you oral health.

Ozone therapy

Medical ozone acts as a powerful surface disinfectant, to clean deep tissues and bone.

Holistic Dentist in Tijuana


At Odontomedik, we are totally committed with the total satisfaction of our patients. Our clinic is located in one of the most secure zones of Tijuana, in a residential area close to the beach called Playas de Tijuana. There are a lot of amenities in the area like movie theaters, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and a Wal-Mart.

Also the clinic offers a shuttle service: receiving you at the airport of Tijuana, San Diego or at the border if requested. Also we provide transportation between the hotel-clinic/clinic-hotel during your stay with us, insuring your confort during the entire experience in Tijuana. On the top of that, you will save over 50% compared with the cost in USA for same dental treatment while being confident that the quality of dental treatments, materials, equipments and service is the same or above american clinics.

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Biological & Holistic Dentistry

Fillings Free of Bisphenol A

Holistic Dentistry in Tijuana

Creating Positive Health Alternatives

Biological & Holistic Dentistry

Our Dental Clinic in Tijuana

Biological & Holistic Dentistry
Biological & Holistic Dentistry
Biological & Holistic Dentistry
Biological & Holistic Dentistry
Biological & Holistic Dentistry

What Our Clients Say

Biological & Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Hal Huggins

When Dr. Mendez decided to take the training for the Huggins-Grube protocol he was completely convince about the benefits that the protocol can offer our patients, now as a member of the Huggins Alliance is even more convince, he’s been witness of how the patients which are treated because of their chronic degenerative diseases like cancer respond better to their medical treatments and upgrade their health, with our patients that don’t have any chronic diseases but presents recurrent headaches, chronic fatigue, indigestion etc, the way the health starts to develop again is really satisfactory. The Huggins-Grube protocol has an emphasis in the removal of the mercury and all the heavy metals which is one of the number one enemies to

Odontomedik’s Facilities & Equipments

Our ultra modern dental clinic in Tijuana is equipped with the latest technology in biological dentistry. We use digital x-rays, ozone dental machine, LED lamps, dental ultrasound for dental cleanings. Also we are keeping up the requirements to treat our patients with Huggins protocol’s technology, like Rita meter, Ion generator, special amalgam air vacuum, etc.

Our dental office in Tijuana follow the North American standard for cleanness and sterilization. Our staff is specially trained to meet and maintain the highest hygienic standard in dentistry using biodegradable products.