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We know that due to different circumstances, many people see their quality of life affected by the loss of teeth; due to this, one of our main services is dental implants Tijuana Mexico as we want our patients to have the opportunity to have a normal life again. 

A solution to tooth loss

Once the patient arrives with us, we talk to him and thoroughly check his mouth to give us an idea about the problem. To know the condition of the patient’s mouth, we perform several studies in which we can give an accurate diagnosis, once this is done, we inform the patient about the treatment plan. 

When teeth must be replaced, there are usually three most used alternatives, the dental bridge, dentures, and dental implants. However, of these three alternatives, dental implants are the best option as they correct the bite, in addition to providing a more aesthetic appearance.

So that the patient can recover his bite, we remove the damaged roots and replace them with pins made of special metallic material. Then we proceed to replace the missing teeth with artificial ones that give the mouth a more natural appearance but have the advantage that they work the same as natural ones. 

High-quality materials

Sometimes the condition of the jaw is not adequate to perform a procedure such as dental implants Tijuana, due to the lack of bone. On other occasions, more than two teeth must be placed, so we consider these details before starting any procedure. 

If the jaw is not in the condition to be able to perform the surgery, the patient will be given all the care they need. Once the jaw is in the desired condition, the treatment can be continued.

To perform this surgery we use titanium implants, it is a biocompatible material that provides us with up to 98% success. This material has a strong resistance to rust, as well as to other chemicals. 

Titanium is also characterized by being quite light and, since it is given several treatments to improve the surface, it has better osseointegration. 

To guarantee that our treatment is a success, we provide you with material that adapts to your situation. For this reason, you can be sure that the selected material can act in an interfacial way and can improve the function of your mouth.


Zirconium teeth

With the intention that the patient can have a healthier and more durable bite, another of the materials that we use for dental implants Tijuana is zirconium. Zirconia is a material that is characterized by being lighter than the metal and ceramic commonly used for teeth.

But this is not the only reason why we have chosen zirconium as one of the main materials for dental implants Tijuana. Studies have shown that it is up to 50% stronger than other materials and zirconia teeth are fully compatible with the human body. 

Due to its characteristics, it does not cause any type of allergy, so the patient can be sure that their treatment will be a success. In addition, it is a material that can be considered more hygienic than others, since it limits the adherence of dental plaque.

Jaw problems are avoided

Preventing bone loss is one of the priorities we have with the patient because we know how complicated the loss of a tooth can be for the bone structure. Something that not many people know is that when a tooth falls out, the bone surrounding the root begins to diminish or become progressively damaged.

When this happens, the adjacent teeth react in such a way that they try to occupy the space where the missing tooth previously was. Unfortunately, this process can further damage the mouth, since when the teeth move, difficulties in eating begin to appear.

However, that’s not all, uncontrolled tooth movement can make a smile look bad. For this reason, many people feel emotionally insecure when smiling, fortunately, all this is corrected with dental implants Tijuana.

We provide comfort

Patient comfort is one of the things that we always take into consideration, that is why we not only provide you with the highest quality services, but we also provide you with the help you need to regain an aesthetic and fully functional smile. 

That is why one of the main advantages of dental implants Tijuana is that it provides comfort, and that it will not fall at any time. The patient no longer has to worry about losing a piece or removing his teeth to wash them as is done with dentures. On the contrary, it is a procedure in which you can be sure that you will be able to have a better quality of life. 

In Odontomedik our priority is our patient, so you will always be in the hands of professionals and you will be able to receive the best dental implants Tijuana. Our main objective is to improve the functioning of your mouth and to give you the confidence to smile again. In our dental procedures, our dentists provide an excellent level of care, and we try our best to save the natural teeth of our patients. 

As you may know, in Tijuana Mexico, the dental clinics are famous because we perform dental treatments at an average cost. Since Tijuana Mexico is near the border with San Diego, dental tourism has grown in a big way, thanks to our competitive prices compared to countries like the United States and Canada. 

In Odontomedik we receive many dental tourists thanks to our Mexican dentists who have specialized training to provide quality dental procedures. 

At Odontomedik your dental health comes first to our professional dentists, that’s why we give you a personalized treatment so your teeth can have proper care and you can achieve a healthy smile. Our dental facilities have the most modern equipment with the most advanced technology to perform procedures like dental implants Tijuana, and our success rates are high.