Huggins Protocol Dentist in Tijuana

Holistic dentists have a profound understanding about the impact of toxic dental materials on people’s health. In fact, one of the most toxic materials is mercury. This toxicity is related to internal organ dysfunction as well as psychological health. And this is one of the main reasons why we use Huggins protocol.

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Dr. Hal Huggins is the creator of this protocol and was almost fanatical about the wealth-being of his patients and the safety of the materials and procedures he and other dentists used. He spent most of his career investigating the toxicity of metal fillings (amalgams) and how they affect our body and mind. He discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings is the cause of many unexplained diseases and symptoms like chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive problems. Dr. Hal Huggins also helped research diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer, etc. Therefore, it is very important that only a Huggins protocol dentist performs the removal of the amalgams to guarantee a successful treatment. Once the amalgam is removed from the tooth, it is necessary to restore the cavity with biocompatible material according to the organism of each patient.

Dr. Huggins’s goal was to get medical doctors around the world to understand that the materials and procedures that dentists are using in their patients’ mouths affect the whole body—that MDs should look into the area of dental materials and procedures when treating their patients. He published many articles worldwide on the relation between disease and dental materials and procedures, always using a scientific perspective including the results of blood chemistry, and how it causes health problems.

It is important to mention that Dr. Huggins is recognized around the world as the father of holistic dentistry.

In 2013, Dr. Blanche began to collaborate with Dr. Hal Huggins in an effort to expand upon and carry on his life’s work. In conjunction, they created the Huggins – Grube Protocol. For decades, Dr. Huggins had shared this knowledge around the world about the risks of ordinary dental procedures. Also, Dr. Blanche continues the legacy of Dr. Huggins.

Our patients can be sure that removing their amalgams would be the best choice to improve their health while promoting a better response to their medical treatments if they already have a chronic condition.

Many people do not know, that their dental health can really cause them serious health problems and damage their autoimmune system, it is really important to go to someone that has the proper education and like search for medicine solutions, to perform any treatment like: dental fillings, root canal, amalgam healing, or any problem in the mouth and teeth.

Here at Odontomedik, you can begin your dentistry healing, we have the proper protocols for your safety, a Huggins protocol dentist that could enhance your healing, and the proper medicine research to provide you a better quality of life and help enhance your health.


Our dental protocols are designed to remove as much dental toxicity as possible in a non-toxic way.

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1. A serum compatibility test of dental materials is requested previously to begin a consultation. This test is necessary to determine which dental materials are safest or least offensive to the patient’s immune system, in order to start with a dentistry treatment. For more information on how to get this test done, please call BIOCOMP LAB Toll-free number (800)331-2303.


2. Trace mineral (hair) analysis. Since supplements and diet are a big part of this protocol, you need to get this test done in order to start with the right supplements to detox and also to adjust your diet prior to your initial consultation.


3. Special attention will be given the 7-14-21 day cycles when scheduling appointments.


4. A Total Dental Revision (TDR) includes the removal of amalgam fillings in the proper sequence. Additionally, other fillings that appear to be biologically incompatible with the patient will be removed and replaced with the most biocompatible materials..


5. The patient will also have all identifiable sources of dental infection removed which will always include cavitations, dental implants, and root-canals. Furthermore, all biologically incompatible crowns will be replaced with compatible ones. The patient will be guided to undergo the best available measures to treat and possibly reverse any periodontal disease or health issue that may be presented.


6. When intravenous sedation is indicated, a certified anesthesiologist will be administering sedation through the blood, during the procedure with the Huggins protocol dentist. The anesthesiologist who administers IV sedation will remain with the patient as well as Dr. Mendez throughout the entire surgery session.


7. Intravenous vitamin C is administered before, during and after the performance of the dental work. This is necessary, to help neutralize any toxicity or bacteria that may still reach the blood and tissues.


8. Strong negative pole magnets are applied to all postoperative areas after the dental work for pain management and recovery.


9. Extra purified water, DAV System, and negative ion generators are used during treatment to reduce the amount of mercury vapor in the dental office environment.


10. Acupressure is practice at the end of the dental treatment to help neutralize discomfort and minimize or even eliminate the use of pain medication.


At Odontomedik, all of the dental materials and procedures used are those strictly approved by Dr. Hal Huggins as required for a complete and valid Protocol.

For more information about Dr. Huggins protocol please click here.