Neurofocal Dentistry

Neurofocal dentistry

Neurofocal dentistry considers the human being as an indivisible unit in which all organs, systems and psyche are intimately related through the energy meridians, hence many health problems have been resolved after performing an integral dental sanitation.

Neurofocal dentistry diagnoses and treats dental and oral illnesses at a physical, biochemical, emotional, social and energy levels. With this approach, there are important interrelations between the mouth and its teeth, the meridians and all the organs of the body.

Biological dental treatments are of course the choice of this discipline: avoiding toxic and/or allergenic substances.

Some of those interrelations are through:

  • the nervous system
  • the extracellular matrix
  • acupuncture meridians
  • Osteopathic-positioning relation

Neurofocal dentists: what they do?

  • Clinical diagnosis include finding the element(s) of interference
  • Dental materials and medicine testing
  • Clinical odontologic treatment, together with:

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Elements of interference

There some elements that overloads our regularization system, which leads to deteriorate it and disturb our body saving system.

Elements of interference includes inflammation, bacteria, infections, scars, stress and emotions, but also amalgams, root canals, implants, impacted wisdom tooth.

The importance of teeth in our health.

Teeth have a direct bearing on the overall health of the individual. It is very important that we maintain healthy teeth and proper occlusion (bite), which allows for proper chewing, good vocals and aesthetics.
Additionally from the standpoint of neurofocal dentistry, teeth act as energy modulators between different organs and systems.

A person who has good oral health reflects an overall good health.