Plasma rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

Growth factors are proteins that play an essential role in the complex processes of tissue repair and regeneration. When they are in association with surgery, they provoke a rapid response that accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue.


Where are some of the growth factors located?


The growth factors are found mainly in the plasma and the interior of platelets stored in their cytoplasmic granules, there are some that are directly related to the repair of tissues.


The main indications for their use in dentistry are:


1. Regeneration of alveolar bone after tooth extraction.
2. Bone regeneration in bone defects (cavitations).
3. Regeneration of bone around the implants to have more support.
4. Improve the consolidation of the implants.
5. Regenerating areas after removal of cysts.
6. Wound healing in less time.
7. Decrease the inflammatory process.
8. Reduce the risk of postsurgical complications.
9. Periodontal defects (bone loss)


The PRGF has no contraindications because it is an autograft and they are the patient’s own proteins.


What is involved in the process of obtaining the PRGF?

It is necessary to take a small quantity of blood from a peripheral vein, it is processed by centrifugation and then it is activated to release the specific growth factors of the plasma itself and of the platelets.

Once the PRGF is obtained, it is applied in the area to be treated, it is done in the same dental office, and it is a painless procedure.

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