Holistic Dental Treatment in Tijuana

Prior to your initial consultation at Odontomedik

  • Medical Questionnaire. Our team of experts will review your case taking into account your overall health, habits, medication and supplements you are currently taking. This information along with your X-rays will be studied by our team of experts to make proper recommendations before your first visit. And also, this is necessary so we are prepared for you in case you have special needs or considerations.
  • Lab Blood work. This is very important to have if your dental treatment is including extractions or surgery. We need to know if certain blood components are within normal parameters to perform surgical procedures. Please request the type of blood lab work we need from you


  • Biocompatibility Dental Materials Test. The purpose of this test is to have a profound knowledge about your individual immune system response to all the dental materials we will be using during your treatment. This test offers a comprehensive report with detailed information about the level of reaction to each material allowing to avoid dental toxicity. For additional information, please call BIOCOMP LAB at Toll-free number 1(800)331-2303.
  • Recent panoramic X-rays or CT scan. This images help our group of experts to have a clear idea about your dental needs. And especially when you are experiencing pain or you have a hidden infection you might need to start medication before your initial consultation with us. Therefore X-rays are an important part of every case review, and along with the medical questionnaire, our experts can make proper recommendations before we see you in our office.
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Have questions? Send us a message & we respond at soon possible.

Have questions? Send us a message & we respond at soon possible.

Initial consultation at Odontomedik.

  • Comprehensive Oral Evaluation. After having all the necessary imaging taken, one of our bio dentists will perform a brief analysis tooth by tooth to explain the condition for every one of your internal anatomical structures. Also, you will get to know about the quality and density of your bone, gums and nerve condition. After this explanation, your dental treatment will be discussed considering number of phases, length of each phase, healing process and cost.
  • Medical Ozone. It is important to mention that all surgical procedures include Medical Ozone and Laser therapy as part of the protocols we practice. Medical Ozone is used to increase the oxygen in the body and also to disinfect the surgical area from bacteria, virus, fungus as well as acting as an inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Laser Therapy. We use this therapy in all surgical patients as a post-operative procedure to relax the facial muscles and accelerate the healing process. You may have one session of laser therapy per day after your surgical procedure