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Best country for dental treatments

Mexico is one of the favorite countries for residents of the United States and Canada, mainly because here they can find dental procedures at the most affordable prices, as well as high-level dental specialists. Thanks to its geographical location, the city of Tijuana Mexico is considered one of the essential points of dental tourism; that is why you can find multiple dental clinics focused on providing services for oral health.

When patients travel to Mexico, they are looking for quality of care, economic costs, a team of dentists who are experts in different dental services, optimal facilities, good customer service, and personalized care. That is why many of them prefer to go to the Tijuana region, and the fact that the travel time is very short. On the other hand, the price list for dental procedures in the United States is very high, to the extent that treatment can be twice as expensive as in Mexico. Besides, not every insurance company provides coverage for cosmetic dentistry.

As we usually work with foreign patients, we understand that it is very complicated to treat those problems that affect their oral health due to the factors mentioned above. Many of them are also looking for an alternative and less toxic and invasive method for a healthy smile and can find it here in Odontomedik, through the holistic dentist.

Solutions we offer

Since we are a dental office that has as a priority to offer patients a less invasive dental experience, all our protocols are oriented so that, through modern equipment, technology, and the dentists in Tijuana expert in the subject, people can avoid certain situations with the various traditional dental processes. In Odontomedik, we do not use materials that can cause infected tooth, crack tooth, or any other condition that may affect dental health. 

Huggins Protocol dentists in Tijuana

The type of dentist who is dedicated to providing a quality of services with a more holistic and biological approach understands that certain toxic materials can affect people’s health, especially in that types of treatments that uses mercury. That is why the dental teams of our clinic offer advanced treatments that allow avoiding the use of these toxic elements for oral health care.

Ozone Dental Therapy

Our dentists in Tijuana, to help the patient obtain a beautiful smile and treat the health issues that affect their dentures, make use of ozone; a proven process that helps in the mouth restorations, especially after operations related to periodontitis; as well as to reduce the use of antibiotics after the operation.

Plasma rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

To improve dental care regarding the recovery time, in our clinic, we offer a therapy that allows accelerating the regeneration after an intervention where the tissues were manipulated. Also, the plasma rich in Growth Factors is ideal after any damage to the tissues of the mouth.

Chronic diseases

In our dental office at Odontomedik, we know that several chronic diseases can affect people’s lives, causing pain and problems throughout the body, especially a cavity condition. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure conditions, heart problems, or osteoporosis often rob patients of the opportunity to enjoy healthy smiles. 

Because our doctors and staff at Odontomedik are committed to providing proper care to every person who trusts us and who suffers from a chronic disease, all of the qualified doctors who are part of our team have the ability, techniques, knowledge, and digital technology to provide patients with stability in their medical conditions that affect oral wellness.

The best dentists in Tijuana

People are looking for a clinic where they can have cost savings, but this does not mean that the dental therapies are of low quality. They look for a place where the dental prices list is fair according to what they offer; this is why many patients travel from the United States and Canada to Mexico to obtain these regenerative treatments.

The best specialist is one who truly cares about his patient and wants to provide personal and optimal care according to the condition of his oral cavity. A super dentist provides quality dental care and takes the time to:

happy dentists with the patient

Analyze the dental history, mostly because through a complete analysis, specialists will determine if any teeth or any structure of the mouth may suffer from any condition. Also, it allows to find out if there are chronic diseases that directly affect this area.

It performs medical studies to determine the immune system and how it may react to different dental materials. It performs blood samples to evaluate the blood’s components and determine if it is within the parameters and x-rays to get a better picture of the oral structure. This will allow decisions to be made according to the symptoms and health of each individual.

Our dental professionals comply with each of these points, and because our dental office approach is holistic and biological, we provide unique and less invasive therapies. So, if you are interested or if you have any question, contact us and schedule your appointment.

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