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All dentists have very good skills for treating my teeth. And their skill is very fine too. All people here are very kind and cheerful. Ir made me happy and peaceful. I appreciate all of your fine work here. I want came again here when I have any trouble in my teeth in future.

SAMANTHA DICKSON Great experience! I absolutely loved the work I had done at Odontomedik. I had been searching for a biological dentist I could trust would do an excellent job, but they went above and beyond. Their care and sensitivity were so appreciated as I had my entire mouth cleared of the toxic mercury that had been causing me health issues for decades. Thank you so very much and I will be back here again, and bring my children!

CHRIS & RICHARD ANDREWS (USA) Thank you for the excellent dental experience. The office is beautiful and comfortable. The work is thorough, fast, efficient and painless. We appreciate the total body health approach of bio-dentistry. Best of all, the prices are better than anything we can find in the USA.
Best regards!

DANIELLE (SEATTLE, WASHINGTON) I highly recommend the dentist team Odontomedik. From the moment the dentist started working on my mouth I knew I was in the presence of world class dentists. Normally dentists work hard but the biggest thing I notice is these dentists passion for their work. I have never felt such dedication in a dentist before. I will be back with my family as these dentists truly know their craft.With so much gratitude.

MELISSA MARTINEZ & EDUARD LAUREANO (TX, USA) Great experience! Super friendly staff. Work around your needs. Patient with your health needs. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

GABRIELLE DOWDING (PORTLAND, OR, USA) You want to MEXICO to have dental work?!?” Tell your average American Dentist or friend that you have decided to have dental work in Mexico; they will think you’r crazy. My husband and I have excellent dental insurance in the US, provided by Kaiser, which made our decision seem even stranger. However, Michael had old mercury fillings that were leaking heavy metal and this was causing systemic health problems. While our dentist in the US would remove them, they insisted that the mercury filling was safe and no additional precaution were needed. We did not agree with this. Dr. Mendez and his staff were AMAZING! The office was more modern and is practicing better technique then what we have received in the US.

Dr. Mendez was recommended as a biological dentist, as my husband os recovering from cancer. We are so happy that I will have them do my dental work in the future. If you have any hesitation, go have a consultation, you will never look at dentistry the same way again.

5 out of 5 stars!

DOLORES (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) If you are looking for a great dental practice, with state of art equipment and a great team of dentists, you should consider Odontomedik. Dr. Alejandro’s professionalism and years of experience is plain to see the moment you sit on the chair. I cannot recommend them high enough.

LILA REGGAD (CANADA) I will recommend this clinic to everyone who is looking for improving their health. All the staff is very helpful, friendly and professional, always taking the time to listen to our concerns. They even provided a personal driver who was able to pick us up anytime we desire. Thank you for your kindness and we will definitely spread the word around. All the best.

ZAHIA REGGAD (CANADA) In all the dentist visit I had, coming here was the best of all! The service is excellent, professional, friendly and efficient.All the dentists listen carefully and take the time to answer and explain very well.The location and facility are great, very clean. I will recommend to everyone who is looking for a quality and affordable treatment. Muchas gracias!

JIM & JANIE COY (AUSTIN, TEXAS) We came to the Odontomedik biological dentistry because they were recommended by a source we trusted completely. And as a customer we were treated as a valued patron of their art. Polished and professional, the work done was excellent, on time, and on budget. We couldn’t be happier.

MICHELE MACLEAN (DARWIN, AUSTRALIA) Dr. Mendez, Iris and Eliu, are the “Ants pants” in Biological dentistry. I attended as a Gerson Patient needing to remove mercury fillings, 3 root canals plus infection from 2 old root canal sites (cavitations), plus 2 inlays and some other work. This process has been critical in cleaning my body of infections and amazingly, all my cancers are in the body parts relating to the infections of root canal removals. They even alerted me to the fact I had “forgotten” a breast cancer scare from 2014. It has now been investigated and, and I will return soon for an operation to deal with a new cancer of breast, however I am grateful to this team for alerting me to the related body parts, and finding that cancer had resurge. This team, have been absolutely super to deal with, caring, sensitive, polite and always happy. I highly recommend they’re services, and feel I am returning home with a clean bill of health, in my mouth anyway. Kind regards.

IVETA HINMAN(USA) After almost a year of research and countless hours spent at the computer reading about holistic and biological dentistry, I chose Odontomedik clinic. I chose this clinic because of their educated staff and most modern technology. At first, I was a little nervous about going to a foreign country for my dental treatment, but Dr. Mendez and the staff not only met but exceeded my expectations (and they were high). It was the best experience at the dental facility that I’ve ever had. Everyone here is kind and caring. I’m going home very happy!

GEORGE BRYANT (USA) Dr. Mendez and staff are amazing!! I needed a lot of dental work in a short period of time, 13 cavities, 4 amalgam removals, an inlay for a damage tooth, and a new crown! The staff spoke excellent English; they informed me of all procedures as they were being done, the amalgam removal process was excellent and comfortable experience. Thank you for taking care of me!!

MICHELE KWAN (HONG KONG) The dentist and nurses are very professional, explaining every detail with patience. I received caring and professional treatments here. Reasonable priced and I would definitely recommend friends in Tijuana and San Diego to visit the Odontomedik Clinic for consultations and treatments.

JAMES W. (USA) Odontomedik is a very special dental facility, quite modern in appearance, very clean. The Doctor and staff are most professional in skill and conduct, also they worked hard to accommodate a difficult schedule. I give them a rating 5 out of 5!

PATRICIA WHITMOYER (USA) I am pleased to find a very competent biological dentist to remove harmful dental amalgams in a safe manner. Office staff are fluent in English, so I felt comfortable explaining my concerns, and received quite an education about importance of dental health. Office was immaculate and equipment modern. I would definitely recommend Dr.Mendez’s office.

KATE ELAR (ALASKA) I am very, very happy with my experience with Dr. Mendez treatment, I had many cavities and I was afraid to get them done, but now my teeth look and feel great! I am very thankful to Dr. Mendez for helping me so much with my teeth! He is a wonderful person and excellent Dentist. Thank you!

ABRAHAM and CHARITY TROYER(USA) My experience with Dr. Alejandro Mendez llamas, was very positive experience. This was my 1st experience with biological dentistry and I was impressed to say the least! I had quite a few amalgams (Toxic mercury filling) and Dr. Mendez explained the dangers of those, to my health. I decide to have all my amalgams removed (I was not pressured by Dr. Mendez, he left the decision entire up to me). I ended up with 3 inlays and quite a number of composite fillings. The doctor was very informative on what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. I was very impressed with him using ozone for cleansing! A very biological approach! Fortunately the Dr. did not extract any of my teeth, but if he had he would have done a biological implant with plasma rich in grown factor and bone, in the gum when the extract tooth was. This way I would have had a nice solid gum instead of a weak spot where I used to have my tooth.

Dr. Mendez assistant Iris did my teeth cleaning, which was done very professionally !

All my experience with Dr. Mendez was my best experience with dentistry! His staff Iris and Dulce were very professional!

My wife also had a very similar experience with Dr. Mendez staff and also very impressed! She also had them make a plastic night guard that she has found very helpful to wear at night.

We will definitely refer our friends and recommend Odontomedik!

BELLA JOHNSON (USA) First of all, the employees from the receptionist to the driver are very polite and very nice.
Secondly, the place is very clean and very modern. The equipment and apparatus are the very latest in technology; I haven’t even seen them in the US dental clinics.
Third, Doctor Mendez is wonderful, he explained very well what I need to be done, he removed several toxic fillings and 3 root canals. When he was done I did not feel any pain even after the anesthetic clears off.

I am not going to hesitate to recommend Dr. Mendez and his office to anyone I know.

Thank you!

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