Huggins-Grube Idealism of Mercury Free Dentistry


Dr. Blanche D. Grube is a reputable dentist who has practiced biological dentistry since early 90’s after she was shocked by the question of her patient asking whether or not metal filling influenced her health condition. It was her first encounter with Dr. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS who has devoted his whole live to investigate the danger of mercury filling to be used in dentistry. In his Huggins Protocol, he theorizes that the use of amalgams or metal in your mouth can be dangerous and toxicity, not only for your dental health, but also your overall health. Patients with amalgams are reported to have excessive fatigue, severe headache, and digestive problem, plus several other unexplainable health issues which result to a more serious illness like brain damage in children, as well as neurological problem.

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It was their collaboration to campaign the anti-mercury amalgam that finally resulted in the improvement of the protocol. The so called Huggins-Grube protocol offers alternative materials and procedures other than mercury feeling and commits to educate dentists all over the world to practice biological dentistry. She also lead a movement consists of holistic dentists, practitioners, and physicians all over the world to establish a mercury free practice in the dental industry. Her influence—together with Dr. Huggins’ reputation, has changed the lives of many people in the world.

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Sadly, Dr. Huggins passed away in the late 2014. However, in his last years, he had trusted most of his knowledge to his partner in biological dentistry, Dr. Grube. She then continues the development and the improvement of the protocol, creating Huggins-Grube Protocol which becomes a safer and more integrated way of practicing dental treatments. This improved protocol is also part of our practice at dental office in Tijuana with Dr. Alejandro Mendez.

Please contact Dr. Mendez if you have question about the Huggin-Grube protocol or to take an appointment.

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